Frequently Asked Questions
Thank you for signing up for 842 !
When somebody uses their mobile phone to text one of your keywords to the 842 shortcode our system immediately texts them back with a pre-defined response message provided by you. In addition, you can also use 842 to deliver information such as brochures, reports, digital images and pricelists etc to potential customers by associating them with a given keyword. In this scenario, when they text your keyword and their email address e.g. plumber we will send them your standard text message response and then send them an email with the additional information you have supplied. The email they receive includes all of your own email details so if they reply to it you receive their email message. To cap it all off, 842 works 24x7 and you can update your keywords and responses and view usage reports online at any time.
What is a keyword ?
A keyword comprises a combination of letters and/or numbers (spaces aren't allowed) - chosen by you - which people will text to 842 in order to receive your response message. Please note that keywords cannot contain spaces. You can choose common words or names or you can make up something out of left-field. Once you've created a keyword nobody else can use it (unless you cancel your 842 subscription or choose to delete the keyword and replace it with another one). If the keyword you want to use is already in use by another 842 customer try adding additional numbers or letters on the end of it to create a unique keyword (e.g. if "plumber" has already been reserved you could try using "plumber01" or "plumberauckland" instead).
Can I see who has texted my keywords to 842 ?
Yes you can. Our reporting system lets you see the originating phone number of each text message sent to 842 and the date and time it was sent thereby enabling you to make one follow-up call to potential customers. You can also download this information for further analysis via spreadsheet etc.
How can 842 help my business ?
In addition to providing potential customers with information about your company's products and services via text message and email 842 can also help you run sales promotions and competitions, send electronic coupons, analyse advertising effectiveness, solicit customer feedback and collect electronic votes. If you'd like more details or have other ideas you'd like to discuss please contact us via email at hello (at)
How much does it cost ?
Our pricing is very simple. Your first 5 keywords cost $99.95 per month. If you need more than 5 keywords please contact us at hello (at) and we will tailor a plan to suit your specific requirements.
Who pays for the text messages sent to 842 ?
Each text message sent to 842 is charged to the texter's Vodafone or Telecom mobile phone account. 842 does not charge its subscribers for text message traffic i.e. the monthly subscription cost is all you pay, there are no hidden extra costs.
What is the minimum subscription period ?
The minimum subscription period is six months billed in advance
How do I cancel my 842 subscription ?
if you wish to cancel your subscription please contact us at hello (at) and we will arrange cancellation. Please note that once your subscription is cancelled your keywords will be returned to the keyword pool and therefore be immediately available for use by other 842 customers. For privacy and confidentiality reasons we will also delete all usage data pertaining to your account and any files you may have uploaded. Having said all that, if the reason you're considering cancelling your subscription is a missing feature then please let us know what it is. We're always on the lookout for ways to improve 842 and we welcome any feedback or suggestions you may have.
Is 842 an international service ?
No, 842 is currently limited to use by mobile phones connected to one of the New Zealand mobile carriers' networks. Please don't sign up for 842 if you're outside New Zealand.
Who is behind 842 ?
842 was developed by a company called TxtMonster Limited and has been up and running since 2006. TxtMonster Limited and 842 are run by a small team including a former Microsoft CTO, an experienced CFO and an SMS expert. We only hire people with three letter acronyms in their CV's.
Can I resell the 842 service ?
We have a policy of never turning away a good business opportunity. If you would like to talk to us about reselling our services or any other interesting ideas please don't hesitate to contact us at hello (at)
Where can I view the 842 User Agreement ?
There is a link to our User Agreement at the bottom of the 842 home page.
What if the FAQ doesn't answer my question ?
Please contact us at hello (at) and we will do our best to answer your question.